AxonAI, Inc is a provider of unique Convergent Artificial Intelligence™ based analytics solutions. We have successfully used our ConvergentAI™ system in several markets to deliver better Discovery, better Detection and better Prediction to our customers using their real world of heterogeneous, incomplete and dynamic data. Our proprietary ConvergentAI™ product is based on Swarm Intelligence, a revolutionary approach to data analytics that has powerful advantages over current technologies. We have resolved issues plaguing traditional centralized Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence approaches through development of a unique distributed intelligence system that was built from the ground up to deal with real world data without heavy Normalization or Data Cleanup processes that are becoming difficult to scale.



AxonAI’s ConvergentAI™ based products can process enormous volumes of complex, heterogeneous, incomplete and dynamically changing data. What differentiates AxonAI from current data analytics technologies is its use of Swarm Intelligence, an approach inspired by self-organizing systems of many simple autonomous entities. AxonAI’s ConvergentAI™ system uses parallel software processes embedded in a distributed data environment to self-organize data and continuously reassess its conclusions to dynamically update the results based on changing information. AxonAI’s swarming agents are ideal for bringing the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to today’s data analytics challenges.

AxonAI’s ConvergentAI™ system is inherently built to capitalize on contemporary IT architectures. The distributed structure of our system removes the dependency on centralized data storage and processing, which limits the scalability of traditional artificial intelligence and machine learning approaches.


Markets and Customers We Serve

At AxonAI, we believe our job is to help organizations make better decisions. We are focused on markets where the problem, and the value is clear, but the complexity of the data prohibits making those decisions easily. Key markets of focus include; Identity Management, Content & Document Management, Targeted Engagement, Threat Detection and Asset Management.

We offer our solutions through direct and partner channels. We deliver our solutions directly to companies to solve specific problems through our configurable discovery, detection and prediction solutions. We are also an enabling technology that our partners use to make their solutions and their teams better: increasing their productivity and helping them deliver superior results to their customers.

Services Companies use it to increase the value of their engagements and to reduce their cost to serve. Technology Companies use it to increase the accuracy of their solutions with large, heterogeneous, dynamic data – allowing them to deliver results previously not possible.