Embracing the Information Torrent – Expanding Knowledge.


Mission Statement

Developing and commercializing highly adaptable, intuitive and scalable applications to address high-throughput and real time big-data problems.



Today’s environment demands complex decisions in areas such as business, healthcare, and national security. More often than not, analysts, executives, and operators are inundated with vast amounts of high-volume, continuously changing data. From this torrent of data, they are expected to ascertain current conditions (situational awareness), anticipate future events (predictive analytics) and identify unexpected conditions (anomaly detection), and take appropriate action (planning and control).

While low-level analytics platforms help with data integration, statistical analysis, and scheduling, higher-level tasks such as information discovery, knowledge extraction, hypothesis generation, forecasting, and real-time adaptation are still primarily human tasks. Today’s approaches are often limited by their need to centralize key reasoning processes, repeat analysis from scratch when new data arrives, and conduct prohibitive knowledge engineering.

At AxonAI, we overcome the limitations of current approaches to analysis, decision-making, and operations by deploying swarms of simple software processes on massively parallel computing architectures that continuously assess new information, collectively contribute to the required analytic products, and learn from human input and real-world observations. With AXON:OS, we have developed a flexible platform of Swarm-Intelligence based reasoning modules that can be assembled into a wide range of customer applications. Early examples of such applications are AXON:Investigation (supporting knowledge extraction from complex data for enhanced situational awareness) and AXON:Risk (continuously providing updated risk profiles for broad classes of events based on real-time data).