Content Management


Patent Investigation


Bookmark what’s important to you.

First, use simple queries or examples of patents to kick off the exploration. View details of your search results and bookmark patents of interest. The tool quickly returns a knowledge graph of related patents (applications and filings) based on validated and predictive clustering-based natural language processing tools.


Traverse the patent landscape in a breeze.

The AXONPATENT Landscape View gives you a graphical overview of the patents, indicates relationships between patents, persons and organizations and provides an easy way to drill down into the details of each patent in the landscape. As you explore the graph, clicking on and bookmarking patent applications you find most relevant, our tool learns your interests and biases, which is captured in a knowledge model. As you continue to explore the returns, AXONPATENT anticipates your needs and quickly returns more results, which increase in relevance.


Receive recommendations from a distributed intelligence system.

While you review results, the AXONPATENT Recommendation Engine works on your behalf – finding correlation across the landscape of Patents – to deliver a Curated Short List of Patents that you may have overlooked but should consider in your review.  You immediately realize that the process is completely different from using search engine-based tools. Using AXONPATENT is like having an intelligent guide that points out and presents critical results while you sit back and assesses the information.


What is AxonPatent?

AxonPatent is an artificial intelligence assisted visual analytics program designed to help users track down and manage patents across all kinds of subject matter. Users bookmark patents that they are interested in, expand patents to view patent citations and inventors, and view patent recommendations provided by AxonAI’s recommendation engine.

What is an Investigation?

An investigation is the primary storage unit of searches, bookmarks, and expansions. Users will be prompted to title their investigation before searching, bookmarking, or expanding.

What is the recommendation engine?

As the user builds up an investigation with searches, bookmarks, and expansions, the engine starts to build a “content model” of that investigation. The engine is always working in the background to find other patents that are similar to that specific investigation’s content model. Once the engine finds patents of a high enough quality, it will notify and send them to the user.

What is AxonAI?

AxonAI is the company behind AxonPatent. We are an artificial intelligence company that specializes in distributed intelligence. We develop applications made of many simple agents that specialize in solving complex problems.



AxonPatent is sold as a software-as-a-service with no upfront installation or setup fee. The service is $250 per user per month. We offer discounts for multi-user subscriptions. Contact business development to learn more.

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