Patent Discovery Tool

Axon:Patent Discovery is a SaaS delivered offering that enables organizations to quickly and efficiently identify patents, persons, and organizations that may impact their technology and business. As a technology company, we understand the need for businesses to stay aware of competitive and complementary innovations in their fields. However, current patent search tools are unable to keep up with the rise of “big data” associated with patent filings, shifting the burden of research and analysis to bandwidth-limited executives, developers, and researchers. They force the analyst to repeatedly use simple queries (e.g. keywords) to search against high-volume and changing patent data. Like search engines that return millions of links, these tools return lists of patents based on simplistic language matching tools that miss out on nuance and changes in terminology, and compel the user to waste hours sifting through irrelevant returns. These tools also do not contain learning and reasoning capabilities that can suggest patents to analysts they may have missed or not considered due to ignorance and mistake. Many tools also do not consider the inventors and organizations behind relevant patents, not realizing that businesses may also be interested in keeping aware of competitive persons and overall trends in the technology space.

To satisfy our need for intelligent patent space exploration, we used our proprietary distributed intelligence framework to create Axon:Patent Discovery. We are pleased to offer to other businesses, organizations, and researchers that share our need to maintain situational awareness without wasting critical resources. Created using technology that outperformed Google and others tools with helping intelligence agencies find critical information, this tool autonomously explores the patent space, returning critical patents, persons, and organizations to analysts in an intuitive interface.

First, the analyst uses simple queries or examples of patents to kick off the exploration. The tool quickly returns a knowledge graph of related patents (applications and filings) based on validated and predictive clustering-based natural language processing tools. As the analyst explores the graph, clicking on patent applications they find most relevant, our tool learns the analyst’s interests and biases, which is captured in a knowledge model. As the analyst continues to explore the returns, AxonAI anticipates the analyst’s needs and quickly returns more results, which increase in relevance. The system also uses proprietary methodologies to suggest patents to the analyst that she may have missed or not considered. The tool also autonomously tracks the terminology and trends used in patent filings and marketing materials, automatically keeping the analyst aware of changes in the technology space.

The analyst immediately realizes that the process is completely different from using search engine-based tools. Using Axon:Patent Discovery is like having an intelligent guide that points out and presents critical results while the analyst sits back and assesses the information. Please contact us at or visit to see a demo and take advantage of this next-generation intelligent patent space exploration software application.